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Issue 2—Fall 2021

Letter from the Editors

Science is facing a midlife crisis. As the discipline grows more complex, with increased specialization and new technologies, a communication gap broadens. Scientists struggle to convey their findings to the public. Even the most motivated readers find it difficult to decipher pieces of scientific literature. Let’s be honest: as curious as you may be, are you really reading the latest issue of Nature before bed?


Allow us to introduce Issue 2 of Grey Matters Columbia University to your nightstand. Brought to you by the scientific communicators of the future, this issue provides a primer to neuroscience through topics relevant to daily life. Read “The Neuroscience of Homelessness” to uncover the ways in which the housing crisis is both economically and neurologically systemic. Explore “If You’re Reading This, You’ve Got a Dirty Mind” to learn about the covert ways pollution is impacting our brains. Check out “Am I Tripping or Are These Mushrooms Actually Magic?” and evaluate the accumulating evidence suggesting that psychedelics can “reset” your mental health. 


As you immerse yourself in the 11 articles of this issue, you will acquire a broad overview of neuroscience. From there, we hope you feel empowered to continue exploring the many facets of this fascinating field. 


With serotonin,

Rochelle Vayntrub and Rebecca Yeh



Production Staff:

Rochelle Vayntrub, Editor-in-Chief BC '22

Rebecca YehEditor-in-Chief BC '22

Elynn Chang, Editing Coordinator CC '23

Sylvester Benson, Senior Editor: Scientific Review GS