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Sam Hutchinson (He/Him) 


Wichita, Kansas

Class: 2023
Major: Cognitive Science
Minor: Computer Science


Grey Matters' emphases on accessible and interdisciplinary neuroscience make it the perfect outlet for sharing my love for and fascination with neuroscience with the Columbia community!

Sam (he/him) smiles in a background of trees and white podiums. He is wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and brown, round glasses. 



Introducing Grey Matters CU's 2022-23 E-Board! Hover on each photo to learn more about our members and why they joined Grey Matters!


Isabella Cannava (She/Her) 

Senior Managing Editor

Miami Beach, Florida

Class: 2024
Major: Neuroscience & Behavior


I love how Grey Matters nurtures approachable and accessible neuroscience!

Isabella (she/her) smiles with a background of a busy street at night. She is wearing a tan tank top with cream bottoms, and a pearl choker necklace.


Hailey Kopp (She/Her) 

Illustration Director

Sacramento, California

Class: 2025
Major: Neuroscience & Behavior
Minor: F/ISTS

I am passionate about cultivating a community that may enjoy the beauty and mysteries of science, primarily through accessible and imaginative content. GMCU allows me to combine my interests in science and art to represent seemingly intangible concepts in an informative and creative manner.

Hailey (she/her) smiles in a black shirt in front of a cream wall. 


Jeanette Luna (She/Her)

Website Director

Brooklyn, New York

Class: 2025
Major: Neuroscience & Behavior / Human Rights

Experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic ignited a deep passion within me to work towards making STEM and science communication accessible to all. Being a part of Grey Matters allows me to work with a group of bright individuals to bring awareness to a multitude of neuroscience topics to diverse audiences!

Jeanette (she/her) smiles in a black shirt in front of a cream wall with a butterfly poster and Barnard and Columbia pennants. 

julia_alexsandra_galiza_soares (1).jpeg

Julia Galiza (She/Her)

Senior Editor of Scientific Review

São Paulo, Brazil

Class: 2023
Major: Neuroscience & Behavior 

Grey Matters allows me to share my passion for neuroscience through collaboration with my peers. Furthermore, it leads me to think of ways to make science accessible to the general public, thus motivating me to become a better scientist!

Julia (she/her) smiles in a red shirt and blue overalls, while sitting in a classroom.  

IMG_8124 (1).jpg

Melody Fang (She/Her) 

Outreach & Social Media Director

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Class: 2025
Major: Cognitive Science & Economics

The people at Grey Matters work together to untangle the complexity and break down the intimidating stigma of neuroscience. I want to be part of this creative journey and this family. 

Melody (she/her) smiles in a yellow shirt and denim jeans in front of a window overlooking a river.


Allison Lee (She/Her) 

Director of Events

New York, New York

Class: 2024

Major: Neuroscience & Behavior

Minor: Science & Public Policy 

Grey Matters gave me a supportive space to share my enthusiasm for neuroscience with others, but I think it’s the journal’s commitment to making neuroscience more accessible to the greater Columbia community that makes it so special!

Allison (she/her) smiles in a floral print shirt in front of a white wall. 

Ganz Bacchantae Headshot.jpg

Abby Ganz (She/Her) 

Senior Revision Editor

Sudbury, Massachusetts

Class: 2024

Major: Cognitive Science

Minor: Spanish & Music

I joined GMCU because I love learning about the brain, and I am passionate about making neuroscience accessible to everyone!

Abby (she/her) smiles in a black shirt in front of a background full of trees. 


Daevon Gurley (He/Him/El) 

Senior Generative Editor

Baltimore, Maryland

Class: 2023

Major: Pre-Medical Post-Bac

Grey Matters’ is a space and community where I can explore neuroscience through conversations with people who can think abstractly about something seemingly rigid! I cherish this community, as it’s one of the few spaces where I can explore science with my peers in ways our classes often cannot facilitate.

Daevon (he/him/el) smiles in a black shirt in front of a cream background.

IMG_3116_Original (1).jpg

Lila Baer (She/Her) 

Podcast Director

Memphis, Tennessee

Class: 2024

Major: Neuroscience

I joined Grey Matters because I wanted to be a part of a chill and fun group that nerds out about neuroscience! Also, I was super excited to start Brian Banter, the neuroscience podcast, with Grey Matters :)

Lila (she/her/ smiles in a checked shirt in front of a body of water surrounded by trees. 


Simran Datta (She/Her) 

Director of External Affairs

Princeton, New Jersey

Class: 2024

Major: Psychology

Minor: Chemistry 

I love how Grey Matters inspires its authors to find something they’re passionate about and relate it to neuroscience!

Simran (she/her/ smiles in a burgundy shirt in front of a wooden fence. 


Wadzi Mayiseni (She/Her) 

Accessibility Director

Harare, Zimbabwe

Class: 2023

Major: Neuroscience & Behavior

 I really wanted to explore scientific writing with a group of individuals who share this interest and are driven to make it more inclusive and accessible.

Wadzi (she/her) smiles in a sleeveless burgundy shirt in the front row of a car. 

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