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Issue 7 Is Here!


Welcome to Issue 7! This issue illustrates the process of growing up by beginning with an article about nurturing your inner child through play and ending with an article about age-old folklore potentially rooted in neuropathology. Between these bookends are articles on the science of storytelling and the reason we have a visceral connection to the smell of mom’s banana bread. We also touch on the not-so-whimsical parts of growing up — the pressure of perfection and the potential for overstimulation in our digital world. In the middle of the issue, we hope to remind readers of the sheer beauty of the neurological systems that allow organisms to communicate. By understanding the innate ability to connect, we can strive to use our own unique capabilities as humans to create and identify with our communities.



Brain Banter Podcast: Niall Bolger & Ana Digiovanni Mager - Valentine's Day Revelations

Single scaries are looming and jittery boyfriends are scrambling for grand gestures, because yes babe, it’s Valentine’s Day. Swoon over tales of love from Columbia students and chew on insights from relationship scientist Ana Digiovanni. Get ready for a heart-to-heart that's as enlightening as it is entertaining. XOXO, Brain Banter.

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