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External links QuranDroid – Quran Recitation app Full fatihah - Text Inspirations on QuranDroid - List of other QuranDroid apps Al Quran Digital - Audio Al Quran Digital - Full version Category:Quran reciters Category:Islamic music Category:Islamic digital libraries In this context, reference must be made to the express and positive instructions of Article 65 of Regulation (EC) No. 1260/1999 as regards the fact that a farm is not registered when "the conditions of the legislation in force in the Member State for the establishment of the farm are not fulfilled" or "the business activities relating to the farm have been suspended by decision of a competent authority in that State". If, therefore, the legislation and/or the social and fiscal regime of the Member State where the farm is established do not provide for the registration of the farm, the Member State in which it is established is considered to be the Member State in which the farm is established. 2. Under point 2, it is stated that certain restrictions are imposed on the Member State where the farm is established. The Court has held that the restriction on the Member State which has jurisdiction to apply for the authorisation of the farm relates exclusively to the particular functions which are required to be performed by that State, namely those relating to the assessment of the quality of the milk produced by the farm and the compulsory distribution thereof, in accordance with the applicable national legislation. The Court has also held that the obligation of the Member State in question to provide the means for the implementation of the scheme referred to in Article 63(1)(c) of Regulation (EC) No. 1260/1999 in relation to the quality of the milk supplied must be understood to be a restrictive obligation having regard to the operation of the scheme and not a general obligation which the Member State may discharge or not discharge at its discretion. Finally, it is sufficient that, in order to comply with the essential criteria laid down by the Community for the production of milk used for the manufacture of cheese, the Member State concerned must in principle provide sufficient means for the implementation of the quality control of the milk produced by the farm, subject to the condition laid down in Article 63(1) (c) of Regulation (EC) No. 1260/1999. 3. It is stated that the conditions contained in Article 61(1)(c) of Regulation (EC) No. 1260/1999, relating to the control of the





FULL Al Quran Digital.rar [Latest] 2022

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