Get Involved:  2021-2022 

The Columbia University chapter of the Grey Matters Journal will begin recruiting for the Fall 2021 publication cycle in September.  If you have any questions or concerns about applications or interviews, please email For now, scroll down to read more about the different divisions you can join! 

General Editing
Lay Review

"At the heart of Lay Review is you, the reader. Behind the scenes, we make sure that each of our articles in progress are being written in ways that are readable for all. We know that neuroscience can often be a challenging and confusing subject and our editors are especially trained to look out for things like unnecessary jargon that adds to the confusion. Working in the Lay Division means more than just making articles easier to understand, it means opening the wonders of the brain up to completely new audiences."

Marcus Cooley

Senior Editor of Lay Review

Scientific Review

"At the Division of Scientific Review, we separate fact from fiction by vetting the accuracy and integrity of all scientific processes and mechanisms presented in articles before they are published. Our team of knowledgeable Scientific Editors are trained to work collaboratively with writers as research aids throughout their writing process. They are encouraged to bring innovations through constructive criticism while combining the standard of science with literature. Graduate Student Reviewers from specialized branches in neuroscience perform the final fact-check after Scientific Editors complete their reviews. As the leader of the Scientific Review Division, I am committed to overseeing the transmission of authentic neuroscience to the public.”


Sylvester Benson

Senior Editor of Scientific Review


Rather than creating a barrier between the public and the field of neuroscience by regurgitating impenetrable textbook graphs, the art sector of Grey Matters seeks to enhance the reader’s ability to connect with neuroscience by illuminating the content through a creative lens. Artists at Grey Matters endeavor to produce eye-catching work that intertwines with the writing in a way that makes the reading experience more enjoyable and the content more approachable.