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Our goal is to promote high-quality, interdisciplinary, and accessible neuroscience scholarship via a semesterly undergraduate publication. An essential component of strong science communication is, of course, the accuracy of the information presented. For that reason, we would like to take our Scientific Review process one step further by also having graduate students in neuroscience review our work prior to its release to the public.
The Graduate Student Review process will involve reviewing article drafts twice: first during the week of Feb 21st and also during the week of March 14th. We ask specifically for feedback anywhere you feel the information is inaccurate or misrepresented, though you are certainly free to comment on other aspects of the piece as well. Your name will be included in the published issue to show our gratitude and appreciation for your efforts. 

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Grey Matters CU is not currently recruiting for Writers, Editors, and Illustrators for the Spring 2022 publication cycle. There will be opportunities to get involved in Fall 2022, so check back then. Thank you so much for your interests in working with us! 

Info Session

Info Session

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Complete the returning member application if you HAVE previously served in the position for which you are applying. 

Complete the new member application if you HAVE NOT previously served in the position for which you are applying.

If you were involved in Spring 2021 as a General Editor or Lay Review Editor and were not involved in Fall 2021, click here to see which application(s) you should fill out.

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